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You know i just realized something from looking at the tour document

Earlier this year there was a mini hype about more Keita and Ayaya pictures. Someone counteracted and said that it couldnt possibly be Keita because the guy in the photos wore a loose t-shirt and cap and that Keita's style is tight fitting t-shirts and not caps.

Yet, in the tour document he is wearing them. I feel like his style is being influenced by the dancers. Regardless, that means it could have been him in the photos.
I know the fact remains that the loose clothes and cap was mostly for concert dance rehearsal times and that if Keita and Ayaya had been going to a party, he wouldnt rock up in loose clothes. but at least it is a possibility...
***I was supposed to do one for the Journey tour last year but I kinda got lazy so I am determined to do it this time around. Note this all based on first impressions of the DVD. Normally my opinion of their lives gets even better when I watch them over and over again.
Comments are short on a few songs that I did not like on the album though.

w-inds. live tour 2008 seventh ave - live at 日本武道館

I have always said this but w-inds. songs always sound so much better live. Even songs that I normally skipped on the album I end up liking once I listen to them a few times on the DVD. Its something about the perfomance style of w-inds., the live atmosphere, the band and the way the song has been arranged. Seventh Ave was a mediocre album for me at best, but my opinions have been changed slightly upon seeing them perform live. It only makes me more determined to go to a live tour next year!

Soft melodic music opens up this years tour, along with some impressive color light displays. The music changes into a quick tempo beat along with the lights into some flashy laser lights. I was particularly impressed with the laser light show last year. Green laser lights flash *w-inds. live tour 2008 seventh ave* which I thought was really ingenious. I loved the small changes and alterations in choreography.

A hard rock beat begins before there is silence, the sound of rushing w-ind and Spinning Around strikes up. Like [This is our show], Spinning Around seemed like a song just written for the opening of the concert. Something about its brassy sound. There is no grand entrance from w-inds. this time, which is sad, because although grand entrances can be corny, the Journey tour one was done exceptionally well. I swooned at Keita when he was doing the opening English lines, ESPECIALLY at his face when he was saying "Actually not in a bad way, let me explain..." It was too cute! Argh he looked so hot! The choreography was wild and I loved all the spinning arounds (no pun intended). The crowd went particularly wild at the crotch thrusts at the beginning of the second verse.

Spinning Around stopped and they jumped straight into the intro for LISGT. The strain in Keita's voice could be particularly heard towards the high parts but I loved his movements in the buildup towards the chorus. All in all it was a sound performance of this song and it sounded even better live with all the guitars and drums.

I love how they converted the stairs into a red carpet! Keita did his usual Justin Timberlake-like moves. The whole concept of celebrities being harrassed on the red-carpet by cameramen (who were the dnacers) seemed to fit in with the songs title. The song is really hard rock ish almost but it doesnt stand out to me in particular.

Almost very South American sounding song. The choreography was very complex and almost...sensual in a way in some bits. Ryohei touched Keitas thigh in the beginning I think. For some reason I have this idea that Ryohei and Keita have gotten a lot closer again this year, with Ryuichi being the one *left* out. Iunno why. Anyways, its nice to hear Ryo's mike turned up, you can hear his harmony quite well.

Nice little lead in by the band to Kirei Da. I like this song, dont get me wrong but oh my gosh has it been over performed. Anyways it was changed again to a lower key to suit Keitas voice and he sung it well. Choreography was also altered a bit, some tricky foot movements here and there so it was one of the most unique Kirei Da performances ever.

Once again some very South American sounding intro before changing into a smoother, slower mellow sound. Whow Ryuichi looks gorgeous on the guitar. You can totally tell he is in his element. He is a musician, no doubt about it.

Okay, I liked this song, though not a huge fan. However, upon hearing this version oh my gosh. I LOVE THIS ARRANGEMENT SO MUCH. The key has been lowered again for Keita and because he is in a comfortable vocal range, he can sing this song so beautifully. This is so good, I absolutely LOVE this version. A perfect jazzy, mellow sound to me. Ryuichi again adds such a soulful element with his guitar playing. Whoever let that boy play his guitar more in concerts is a god. Ryohei just HAD to be moving lol in the song, but he looked good with the micstand.

Another song that sounds 10x even better in lives. Thats all I can say. Keita does another perfect job with his vocals. Ryuichi and Ryohei look peaceful.

This was Keita's favourite song out of the album. As with Love, it sounds exceptional live.
I love the lead in introduction, Ryuichi back with the guitar. Unfortunately Keita gets a teensy bit hoarse with the *Hellos* but it is so heart-wrenchingly beautiful, this performance.


Keita: Krumping with Japanese hip hop moves incorporated into it. He looked sexy because his body upper body was so toned. Some cool hat moves, a cute smile and some more krumping. Iunno if it was the style but I felt he could have been a bit more aggressive in his dance.

Ryohei: Some funky disco music for him. When can he NOT be good at break dancing? A quirky routine with YUKI the dancer. Break dance is Ryo's forte.

Ryuichi: Oh my gosh the music! Slow, smooth and sensual. He really knew how to move it. It changes into a more funkier upbeat tune and I have to say I think the choreography for his dance was the hardest! The dancers outshone Ryuichi a bit I am afraid but he still danced incredibly well, especially for someone whos element isnt dance.

There was also a mini magic trick, which was pretty funky when it turned out to be Keita!

The change in key for Keita's voice was really obvious in the intro of the song. Iunno, it sounded almost ... off for some reason. Other than that this performance was ACE. So sexy! Awesome hat flips!

I am not huge on this song but the choreography is absolutely insane. So tight.

As with Urban Dance, I am not that keen on this song but some cute mic flicks ala [Is that you].

I was never keen on this song, the name for one thing pissed me off lol and it kept being over performed. Nonetheless, the sound of the song fits the sound of the concert set-list in general so I suppose it was necessary. Nonetheless, it is a solid performance. Fucking awesome somersaults from Ryuichi and Ryohei.

I thought this song has always been kinda cheezy. Cute music video, but cheesy. It sounded better this performance though. It is good, but nothing in particular stands out for me.

Starts off cutely with the pitter-patter sound of rain. Beautiful "Everydays" and "Rainy days" from Ryohei and Ryuichi. Gosh I love hearing their parts! The richness in Keitas vocals can really be heard in this song! Such a nice sweet mid-tempo song.

Another mellow mid-tempo song performed beautifully live. I also liked the clips of Tokyo everyday life in the background and Tokyo lyrics and the pictures of adolescent w-inds. and w-inds crew. It was nice hearing Ryuichi rapping too. I LOVED the slowing down during the break part of the song.


Upbeat disco-ey song. Once again it doesnt do much for me. Man, I love this years tour t-shirts though.

I wished they would save this song for later, I mean they performance it for THANKS! Anyways, it was a nice version as Keitas vocals were on. There was a small Keiryu moment, some playing with streamers, not too much. They didnt seem as animated for some reason. Perhaps they were really tired though, coz this tour they jumped straight into each song without much of a break. Oh it was awesome hearing Ryohei's harmony and Ryu's rap though, as always.

A bit disappointed they performed this song again so early, I mean Thanks was only 2 years ago. In anycase, it is such a cute sugary melodic song, so I can not stay angry at them of course. Also is it me or is there a majority of Ryohei glowsticks this year? I loved the addition of the little guitar bit towards the end though.

They should seriously refrain from repeating certain songs, otherwise the impact is lost, you know? Lol anyways, I just realized Ryohei is wearing the FC Dart t-shirt. Oh, Keita imitating the fangirls whining during MC was funny. Ryohei is such a liar. He told them the song would be like Ageha sounding ahaha. Anyways, if they are going to be performing these kinda exclusive songs, will someone please MAKE Ryohei do [Stand Your Ground] again? Really awesome laser lights this year though.


Overall feel, very mature...back to 70s-80s feel with all that brassy sound, the colours of the curtains etc. w-inds. are more mature and serious, there is less goofing around. Something has changed in their perfomance style. They have become more professional. Not that this change is necessarily bad. They are SO manly, but so sexy. Also the song choice/set list reflects the kinda oldies style they are trying to go for. I keep thinking of gabriella cilmi and amy winehouse. Bluesy, rnb, 50s ish iunno. Jazzy even.

Changes in camera angles made the tour document viewing more interesting. The stage design wasnt as impressive as Journey, I must say, that was THE best. Also the costuming was better this year though because of the clear abscence of any ridiculous costumes. It was just sleek, sophisticated menswear that didnt scream *AIDORU*. I am betting they talked with management about that.

The whow factor in this concert for me is different, it is more like a testament to their evolution and progress as a band, their genuine talent and stage ability. Im impressed at the improvement in Keitas vocal quality and the dancing ability of Ryohei and Ryuichi. Last years tour Keita sounded a bit hoarse and it was easy to pick up. This year his voice didnt show as much signs of hoarseness so I was super duper pleased with that.

For these reasons Id have to say seventh ave is my new favourite tour dvd. In terms of song set list POL is still number 1.

Now I am off to watch the Tour Document!!!
Rare RL talk.

gonna go a bit low key for awhile.

I swear there are some days where everything fluctuates.

Days where I feel like my fandom goes into the absolute pits and I feel like I'm kinda done with w-inds. and japan in general.

Then I see things that make me go "whow!" and it shoots up again.

iunno. it's hard to explain.

anyways, things are getting really hectic and there's a lot of stuff i have to sort in japan so yeah.

cya later~
Just some random trivia/fact that people might or might not know. It's interesting to note the differences in content between the Chinese and English Wikipedia.

- In addition to w-inds., Keita Tachibana is also an individual artist. The image he portrays in w-inds. and as just Keita Tachibana are different, his solo works are more mature. The lyrics to the songs are written by him. The music’s image reminds one of Japan and Mr Children.

- He is the first artist from Vision Factory in ten years to make an appearance on the prime time TV show MUSIC STATION.

- Apart from the acoustic guitar, he also plays piano. He began studying how to play the guitar in 2005.

- Although there are rumours of conflict between Vision Factory and Johnny’s Entertainment and also it’s respective talents of Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya, there are an outflow of photographs on the internet to discredit this. (Where?!?!). In addition he is also good friends with comedy duo KING KONG.

- He has also said that he has played football video games with a member of ORANGE RANGE.

- Like most football mad fans, he likes British star David Beckham. Besides wearing black nail polish before, he also likes to play Winning Eleven.

- Before his debut, he had been mistaken for a girl by boys, and even had confessions to him by guys.

- In 2002-2003 because of puberty his voice changed and he experienced a period of very thin build. Later, beginning in 2003 he started to gain muscle, in the past two years this muscle mass has increased by around 20kg as a result to puberty and two hours of weight training. Despite this, he still belongs to a thin body type group. Although fans have differing opinions regarding his muscles, heavy workloads have temporarily put aside his training regime.

- Keita has experienced love affairs with singers including Ai Otsuka. Fortunately the last major events have not created any trouble. However the most influential news was a sex scandal in early 2005 with Matsuura Aya. However officials have denied nor confirmed the scandal.

- His iPOD is pink.

- When visiting convenient stores, as witnessed by several staff members fans have forcefully paid for his store items for him.

- In the 2006 Taiwan trip, he commented that although Yoshinoya beef was different in Taiwan compared to Japan, they both were delicious.

- Keita’s favourite brand is Louis Vuitton. Other trend he likes include Mastermind Japan. Keita also likes clothes with a skull logo.

- According to Ryohei, Ryuichi and other friends, Keita is said to have the most beautiful home.

- Is friendly with the other w-inds. members. They often meet together to play soccer and electronic games, except for Ryuichi who prefers to stay home when they do so.

- Keita was the first to pass his test for a driver’s license and bought a car immediately as a means of transportation.

- Keita likes his hair colour black the best.

- In sixth grade at primary school, he and his older brother and younger sisters joined a modelling agency.

-Keita’s father is a former dancer, and his mother was a model and a DJ. Keita and all his brother’s and sisters are involved in the entertainment industry, so it can be said his is a showbiz family.

- Keita’ takes care of his mother. Once for his mother’s birthday he bought her a computer. Often he gives her and his sisters pocket monkey to go shopping with.

- Keita’s bed costed roughly 10,000 HK dollars.

- In 2008 many live performances were seriously affected due to respiratory problems. Fans had always thought it was hayfever however it was later discovered that it was allergies to air-conditioning and fine dust pollution.

- Although he is physically very fit, he is still ashamed to bare all of his upper body. The 2007 Summer concert tour was one of the few times in which he has revealed his upper body. Unfortunately the DVD released of the tour that year did not show any body-bearing segments, much to the dismay of fans in Japan, and overseas.

- Although he has debuted for seven years, the blood type listed in his official profile has been unknown. Therefore, it has remained a mystery.

- According to Japanese fans who have paid close attention, Keita is hairy, even his finger joints are covered with hair.