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Keita Tachibana’s Wikipedia (China) Trivia Translation

Just some random trivia/fact that people might or might not know. It's interesting to note the differences in content between the Chinese and English Wikipedia.

- In addition to w-inds., Keita Tachibana is also an individual artist. The image he portrays in w-inds. and as just Keita Tachibana are different, his solo works are more mature. The lyrics to the songs are written by him. The music’s image reminds one of Japan and Mr Children.

- He is the first artist from Vision Factory in ten years to make an appearance on the prime time TV show MUSIC STATION.

- Apart from the acoustic guitar, he also plays piano. He began studying how to play the guitar in 2005.

- Although there are rumours of conflict between Vision Factory and Johnny’s Entertainment and also it’s respective talents of Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya, there are an outflow of photographs on the internet to discredit this. (Where?!?!). In addition he is also good friends with comedy duo KING KONG.

- He has also said that he has played football video games with a member of ORANGE RANGE.

- Like most football mad fans, he likes British star David Beckham. Besides wearing black nail polish before, he also likes to play Winning Eleven.

- Before his debut, he had been mistaken for a girl by boys, and even had confessions to him by guys.

- In 2002-2003 because of puberty his voice changed and he experienced a period of very thin build. Later, beginning in 2003 he started to gain muscle, in the past two years this muscle mass has increased by around 20kg as a result to puberty and two hours of weight training. Despite this, he still belongs to a thin body type group. Although fans have differing opinions regarding his muscles, heavy workloads have temporarily put aside his training regime.

- Keita has experienced love affairs with singers including Ai Otsuka. Fortunately the last major events have not created any trouble. However the most influential news was a sex scandal in early 2005 with Matsuura Aya. However officials have denied nor confirmed the scandal.

- His iPOD is pink.

- When visiting convenient stores, as witnessed by several staff members fans have forcefully paid for his store items for him.

- In the 2006 Taiwan trip, he commented that although Yoshinoya beef was different in Taiwan compared to Japan, they both were delicious.

- Keita’s favourite brand is Louis Vuitton. Other trend he likes include Mastermind Japan. Keita also likes clothes with a skull logo.

- According to Ryohei, Ryuichi and other friends, Keita is said to have the most beautiful home.

- Is friendly with the other w-inds. members. They often meet together to play soccer and electronic games, except for Ryuichi who prefers to stay home when they do so.

- Keita was the first to pass his test for a driver’s license and bought a car immediately as a means of transportation.

- Keita likes his hair colour black the best.

- In sixth grade at primary school, he and his older brother and younger sisters joined a modelling agency.

-Keita’s father is a former dancer, and his mother was a model and a DJ. Keita and all his brother’s and sisters are involved in the entertainment industry, so it can be said his is a showbiz family.

- Keita’ takes care of his mother. Once for his mother’s birthday he bought her a computer. Often he gives her and his sisters pocket monkey to go shopping with.

- Keita’s bed costed roughly 10,000 HK dollars.

- In 2008 many live performances were seriously affected due to respiratory problems. Fans had always thought it was hayfever however it was later discovered that it was allergies to air-conditioning and fine dust pollution.

- Although he is physically very fit, he is still ashamed to bare all of his upper body. The 2007 Summer concert tour was one of the few times in which he has revealed his upper body. Unfortunately the DVD released of the tour that year did not show any body-bearing segments, much to the dismay of fans in Japan, and overseas.

- Although he has debuted for seven years, the blood type listed in his official profile has been unknown. Therefore, it has remained a mystery.

- According to Japanese fans who have paid close attention, Keita is hairy, even his finger joints are covered with hair.
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