cawaiixcupcake (cawaiixcupcake) wrote,

Keita x Aya

You know i just realized something from looking at the tour document

Earlier this year there was a mini hype about more Keita and Ayaya pictures. Someone counteracted and said that it couldnt possibly be Keita because the guy in the photos wore a loose t-shirt and cap and that Keita's style is tight fitting t-shirts and not caps.

Yet, in the tour document he is wearing them. I feel like his style is being influenced by the dancers. Regardless, that means it could have been him in the photos.
I know the fact remains that the loose clothes and cap was mostly for concert dance rehearsal times and that if Keita and Ayaya had been going to a party, he wouldnt rock up in loose clothes. but at least it is a possibility...
Tags: jpop artists, tachibana keita, w-inds.
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