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"Riida is man enough for this chick

"Even Gisele Bündchen loves her Keita-polaroid dress"

"That's art!"

"Keita should be glad so many gaijin chicks dig him"

"Simply Beautiful"

"Keita on a New York Billboard"

"I totally agree girls. I totally agree"

"Victora Beckham loves Keita Tachibana. Move over David!"

"Keita Tachibana"

"Keita Tachibana - w-inds. live tour 2007 ~journey~

"Gangstaa Ryu - Yo Wassup?!"

"w-inds. advertising for clothes"

"Forever Memories..."

"w-inds. the Movie" - I'd like to see that movie too

"w-inds. in the city - that's absolutely gorgeous. both the picture and the city itself"

"w-inds. @ Train Station" - I can see why anyone would miss their train whilst looking at this

Well, he was already a child model and stuff to begin with ... but after w-inds. disbands would he consider doing fashion modelling on the side? He could at least do runway coz he's so tall though. Lol.

Link: (http://blog.yam.com/natalielam/article/17532188)

You can view photos there.

Not that these are not real picture campaigns. Why? All of them have been taken out of magazines that he and w-inds. have been in! I wonder where they are though. Hong Kong or China maybe?

The two western girls kissing his Vacanza pic is hilarious too. Do they even know who he is? Lol.
If Keita was indeed gay (like homosexual), I've always thought that he'd attract older gay men. They'd probably find him "kawaii", lol.
The pair of diamante earrings he wears doesn't really help either. I know it's a fashion statement amongst the highly metrosexual males in Japan but seriously.
Even in the whole "KeiRyu" fandom I think the most likely scenario would be Keita confessing to Ryuichi. Ryuichi loves women's breasts and lingerie and kinky stuff too much to be gay.
Iunno if they always did this on a regular basis or what but it seems like there has been an increase in global auditions from all these major Asian Entertainment companies like Avex, Sony, JYP and S.M Entertainment. It makes you wonder the success rate of the people they pick ...
News: (http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/news/2008/10/05/07.html) from Tomosuki's LJ.


Basically Anna went drinking with him three times in Korea after the ASF? But Keita, I thought you said you didn't drink?! She also said that even though he's her junior by two years, he's still pretty cool and handsome. Lol. All the rest I couldn't make out but sounds like those two had a fun time, who would've thought? I miss Korea. </3